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Photography is

life.. where only me standing and see the world through my own eyes and observe the atmosphere and emotion in slow-motion. The lights and shadows changing the mood constantly like how the current world is moving indecisively. 

I found the way to slow everything down and capture the emotion and atmosphere I wanted the most by doing the in-between of unprepare emotion and the decisive moment where everything is still remain purely aesthetics.

That is my imaginary reality.

What excites me is when I get the sunlight from the reflection, or golden hour where I have the freedom to move around and capture the my best Portraiture and Spaces.

Portraiture gives me life, because it gives confirmation where I can see soul through finder everytime I capture my imaginary reality.  I want to produce work where people can feel the purely emotional not by just the instant beauty but everything through the photograph. 

Spaces excites me, seeing how the lights evolve around and produce the surround with atmosphere of sounds and colour. I want to freeze the space and keep it for the coming years and see how the place slowly change it character after a few years.

My journey as an Artist and also Photographer will never stop. I may take a break for a year or two to refine my imaginary and visual aesthetic. Everytime I look at my own photograph reflect my own self and thoughts. It may takes time to feel the reward and satisfaction.


Flanegan Bainon


Born in 1986, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Spent his 20’s in Melbourne and Tokyo and currently based in-between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Flanegan speaks English, Mandarin, Malay and Japanese fluently and can have simple conversation in Cantonese & Korean.


2009 B.A in Photography, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

PDF Profile Kit (Download)


2013 – International Photo Award : One Shot, Honorable Mention.
2012 – PX3 de la Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention.
2011 – International Photo Award (IPA), Honorable Mention.
2010 – International Photo Award (IPA), Honorable Mention.
2009 – Kuala Lumpur Photography Award (KLPA), Finalist.


2021 – The Guardian (4th February)
2017 – IMA Japan Online (26th October)
2016 – Kami Bah Ni! Talk Show (12th November)
2016 – RTM National News (6th November)
2016 – Borneo Post (7th November)
2016 – Daily Express (6th November)
2012 – Brain Japan Magazine Advertising Issue (Best CM Features)
2011 – Borneo Post (21st August)
2011 – F8 Magazine Issue #3
2011 – F STOP Magazine April Issue
2009 – Asian Photography Blog
2007 – JpgMag Issue #9 


2009 – Anima : Unconscious Portrait
2008 – The Forgotten Town


Malaysia : KK Waterfront, The Edge, Breeze Magazine, Gaya Naturals, Cap Kuda, Haijoox, Petronas, Leo Burnett, AirBnb Malaysia, Estee Lauder, Haijoox, JomYou, Sabah Tourism Board.
Australia : Joshua Andreas, CPA Australia, MC Saatchi Melbourne.
Japan : AirBnb Japan, Sandisk, Toyota, Japan Boat Race, Lowry’s Farm, VC Beauty, Solado Harajuku, Taiyo Kikaku, Tandem.

Solo Exhibition

2016 – Sabah Art Gallery, Malaysia. (Flanegan B Retrospective : Bye Bye 20, Hello 30)
2012 – ProArt Gallery, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. (Japan Monochrome / 日本白黒)
2012 – Gaya Street Photo Exhibition, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Bonding with Gaya Street NBHE)
2011 – Sabah Society, Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. (This is Sabah)
2010 – Design Fiesta Gallery (West), Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. (This is Borneo)

Group Exhibition

2017 – Espace-ku Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. (Two Mountains)
2015 – Pa-Ta-Ta Photo Festival. Granada, Spain. (Faces of Nunuk Ragang)
2015 – Alibaba Photo Festival. La Cueva, Spain. (Faces of Nunuk Ragang)
2014 – Photo Art Convention. The One PJ, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Nunuk Ragang)
2014 – Librarie Imaginarie. Paris, France. (2 Mountains : Mt Fuji & Mt Kinabalu)
2014 – Mt. Rokko International Photo. Kobe, Japan. (2 Mountains : Mt Fuji & Mt Kinabalu)
2014 – KLPA Event WhiteBox Gallery. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2 Mountains : Mt Fuji & Mt Kinabalu)
2013 – Arteri Gallery. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Cracko Group : Circus Theme)
2013 – China House. Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (Cracko Group Circus Theme)
2011 – ProArt Gallery, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. (Epson 100 PhotoArt Exhibition : This is Sabah!)
2011 – Sabah Art Gallery, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. (Lights, Shadow & Dream Pinhole Exhibition)
2009 – Brightspace Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. (GradShow09)
2007 – Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland (We Are Photographers)

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